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The boat trip in April 2006 of Tina and Willi

from the Erne through the Shannon-Erne-Waterway to the north Shannon and back

Thanks to Renate who has made a quick proof-reading!

11.04.2006 Wesel - Köln / Bonn - Dublin - ABC, Lower Lough Erne

Inver Duke III

At five o´clock the alarm clock rings and we jump out of the bed to start our holiday in Ireland. But first we have to remove the ice from the car windows.

We reach the airport Cologne without a traffic jam. It is a nice airport, very pleasant. We meet two members of the shannon-forum with their two fishing-kids. One of them simply explained that I am his sister-in-law so that we can get seats together.

After landing we get a quiet transfer without dangerous passings. But we should still get those on our journey back. During the driving J. is looking at the flooded rivers and lakes and he says something like "Oh yes ....!" But maybe this also refers to the waves and the wind which is blowing over the water. On our request we stop shortly at the fishing-tackle-shop in Enniskillen.

The nice father-son-troop is setting down at the Manor House Marine. The wind is also blowing into the bay.

We drive on to the Aghinver Boat Company at the Lower Lough Erne. There is the "Inver Duke III" waiting for us. A very beautiful and reliable boat. Welcome! You are our home for the next three weeks! The brook is brawling. Are we in the black forest? Nope in Ireland! Arriving and relaxing is starting. Slowly we unpack and check and discover the boat. Who is coming there? Andy, the friendly former mechanic of Erincurrach is now working by Mickey and Liz. A glad hello!

12.04.2006 ABC – Devenish Ost - Enniskillen - Tully Inishmore

Length of the boat trip: 4,6 hours

Calm snuggle-night. At 8 the first morning-coffee on board. Andy checks up a not working pump of a toilet. Wind from southwest. Light waves. In contrast to yesterday it has has calmed down. We take off. The boat remains unimpressed by waves from the side. At 11 lunch-breakfast at the jetty of Devenish east. The wind turns to west and increases. At Malin Head storm is expected for today. So we decide to turn our back to the Lower and to start route b.

Way to Enniskillen. The current under the bridge is considerable. We spend about 100 Lisbeth-thaler at asda for our first bulk buying in the shopping centre. The quality is astoundingly good and the most foods are at the same places. Only the salami of Aoste is not to find, neither the delicious French Camenbert. But the unit with the fresh vegetables is still top! After the compulsory visit in the tourist information for buying a fishing licence and permit I discover suitable rain-trousers for me and purchase them.


Windy trip to Tully Inishmore. The Ardhowen jetty is closed because of the high water level. Front after front ranges and I take a deep breath of the fresh air coming from the Atlantic and enjoy. A weather proofed boy surfes on our wake and waves a friendly goodbye when leaving us.


Arrival at Tully Inishmore at half past six, where like last year the lambs are bracket-jumping welcoming us. We moor at the jetty beside the picnic places.

The fender just fit with their end between jetty and boat, the jetty is only a little bit more than a feet above the water. The first Irish coffee let us really arrive. The lambs frolic behind and before the fence around. The wind seems to become calmer and the round moon is looking out from behind the clouds but these play with him hide. The next front is coming while the birds are peaceful twittering their evening-song. The first fishing rod is assembled in the evening light.

13.04.2006 Tully Inishmore – Crom Castle – Aghalane - Ballyconnell

Length of the boat trip: 6,3 hours

In the morning trip to Carrybridge and the Upper Lough Erne to Crom Castle. Look into the Trial Bay: It is too windy to have a lunch there. Somehow others must have thought the same. I get - of course during a strong wind blast - the last free mooring place inside the jetty of Crom Castle behind a boat with a shannon-info-pennant.

After a short time J. and his son arrive in a dinghy. As we chat is he looking out for P., who has gone with his son in the second dinghy in another direction.


Finally a hired cruiser with P.´s dinghy behind reaches the jetty. The engine of the dinghy has stopped working and so he had to row against wind and current back to the navigation route.


The effort can be seen in the paleness of his face. Fastened at marker 23 J he has got finally a lift back to Crom Castle.

The joy about the rescue is so big for him that he stand a beer to himself and to the knight in shining armour.

We leave the four alone with their first adventure and turn towards fried eggs with bacon. As we have visited Crom Castle several times before we are starting our trip on the river Woodford afterwards. He is unusual wide with much current and headwind. At Aghalane we stop shortly. The jetty jars caused by wind and waves. We take the persenning and the arch down and chug till Ballyconnell. Arrived there we meet two private boats with friendly crews again which we have seen at Chrom. They are on the way to the IWAI-Belturbet-Brunch-Rally. After the lamb chops with carrots we allow ourselves a visit in the pub "Angler´s Rest".

14.04.2006 Ballyconnell - Haughton Shore - Keshcarrigan

Length of the boat trip: 6,7 hours

The best days are those when I have no time to write into the log book. Today is such a day! We sleep a little bit longer and have a nice and slow trip to Haughton Shore. The weather propagate picnic mood and so we enjoy our first sun lunch on the flybridge without persenning. From the boat behind us we hear the song "Take me to the island ...." and Willi sings along.sunset

In the afternoon we take off to Ballinamore. At the lock we meet two boats with members of the shannon-info-forum. We have a short chat with them, they are going to a rally of shannon-forum-members in the Trial Bay at Easter Monday. It´s a pity, we can not take part because we want to see the northern Shannon this time. On the quay of Ballinamore some kids are fishing and they take care of our boat. The kids sing a farewell-song and wave when we leave.




Our journey today continues to Keshcarrigan. A long time we enjoy the evening and sunset atmosphere on the fly.

Late four private boats arrive from Leitrim. Scarcely moored, life jackets still on, the barbecue is lit and a nice evening in a round begins. The dog with the life jacket between. We listen to Gerry Henderson - This Town and the evening does not end ….

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