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Landscapes and light, old and new friends

along the Erne, SEW and the southern Shannon

Wednesday 08/04/09 Aghinver Boat Company - Devenish Island

Length of boat trip: 1.7 hours

Motto of the day: Itís good to be back

Lower Lough Erne

We are back on the water and start after a late arrival in the evening from Aghinver with an Inver Duke for a trip of four weeks. The day has been windy but it has calmed down.


Our first drive goes over the beautiful Lower Lough Erne to Devenish where we moor overnight.











The full moon gives us a moody welcome.











Thursday 09/04/09 Devenish Island - Tully Inishmore

Length of boat trip: 2.2 hours

Motto of the day: The horn and the wedding

The second half of the night was a bit windy but we are happy to stay again on a boat in Ireland and so we have slept well. In the morning we go on to Enniskillen and we walk to the Tesco supermarket for shopping and drive back in a taxi with a lot of food.

The morning was dry but in the afternoon some showers with a fresh wind arrive while going upstream on the Erne. The river has a powerful current caused by the rain of the last few days. Our planned short stop at Tully Inishmore ends with a nice evening onboard the boat of Tommy and Eileen although Willi's help in the important repair of the horn for the wedding in three weeks wasn't successful.

Tully Inishmore










Friday 10/04/09 Tully Inishmore - Haughton Shore

Length of boat trip: 6.6 hours

Motto of the day: Strong current and the broken wiper

The day starts with sunny spells. The wind has calmed down during the night. We enjoy a nice crossing of the Upper Lough Erne, this time on the east route of Inishleague. The water level is up and the flood of the Colebrooke River has brought a lot of branches and trees into the lake, so we have to drive carefully. A front with heavy rain arrives behind Inishcorkish and the wiper gives up. But a cable tie helps and the rain stopped suddenly when it was fixed. The sun gives us again a bright 'Hello'.

Upper Lough Erneswans









Behind Crom Castle the Woodford River welcomes us with a high water level, a strong current and a lot of swans. They seemed to have just arrived from their southern winter hibernation quarters and are very irritated by our boat. We stop at Aghalane to put the arch down. 'Loch n Quay' arrives and with them a hail shower. The nice crew, whom we know from their previous 31'-boat, say hello and tell us that the bridge at Ballyconnell will give us only 10 cm headroom. We let them the go first and follow on against a strong current on the Woodford to Haughton Shore.

jetty under waterairdraft


















Skelan Lock





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